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I Need Assistance

Identify Your Need

Examine the services provided below to identify how you need assistance.

Food Pantry

Food assistance is open to anyone living within the communities of Lamoni and Davis City, Iowa. Bring a form of address confirmation with you the first time you receive food.  (e.g. driver's license, utility bill, etc.) 

Phone: (641) 784-4106


The Food Pantry is located at 416 E. Main in Lamoni.  Client parking in the back of the building.

We are open:

Tuesday 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Thursday 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund provides crisis assistance to pay rent, utilities, medicines, or gas needed for medical appointments.

To request assistance, call: (641) 289-0762

School Supplies

Contact us if you need help providing school supplies for the children in your family.


Phone: (641) 784-4106


Christmas Meals

Contact us if you need help providing a special Christmas meal for your family. The meals are delivered on the Saturday before Christmas.


Phone: (641) 784-4106


Contact Us

Please contact us if you need assistance or would like to help the Food Pantry by volunteering, donating items, or making a financial contribution.  

(641) 784-4106 (general questions)

(641) 289-0762 (Emergency Relief Fund)

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